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We’ve found that the main issue in the industry is that while most builders are great at building, they are typically not great business people.

This is why we want to provide builders with the relevant education, strategic thinking, systems and tools to help them become savvier at business and acquire the necessary skills to run a successful building company that projects them 10 years into the future.

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Covering a range of topics and tools to elevate your business

Program Modules

Identifying your business values, positioning, target market and service offering will be the core component of this initial session. Through group training, we establish a sustainable business model that will produce fruit now and well into the future.

Establish a business plan and setup your home warranty insurance. Take away key educational pieces such as gross margin vs mark-up, the lag effect and a greater understanding of your overheads compared to profit within a job.

Identify your STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning), 7P’s, value offering and brand positioning to analyse your buying personas, creating a strategic plan that successfully aims and connects your service offering to your client’s needs.

The comprehensive group training sessions provide a detailed overview to assist in developing the ultimate strategic plan tailored to your business. As a tool you will receive a detailed marketing strategy guide to follow.

The SEE team will show you how to target and connect with your audience through clever strategies, HVCO’s and the use of a funnel model that educates and nurtures your potential clients through their buying journey.

Social setup and training will be provided where we plan your year of social media. As a tool you will receive a social media guide that will help you stay consistent with you content campaign for the year.

In an initial group session we will run you through a general sales flow to help you better understand the sales journey. We will provide a custom step by step document which can be presented to your clients and a review of your current tender process for a better proposal outcome.

This will be followed by a group session where we will provide tailored sales training, helping you identify your competitive advantage to create value for your clients.

The use of a client relationship management (CRM) program will allow you to better understand all your clients and their buying journey.

In this module we work in the background of your business, setting up a personalised CRM to suit your objectives and target audience to then provide you with detailed training. You will receive email templates and multiple documents that will help you provide the best customer service to your clients.

One thing is being able to convert the leads that come to you; however, sometimes you need to go out and bring the clients to you.

In this module we will teach you how to successfully network and build valuable relationships with key contacts and businesses with the help of a powerful strategy that will create ongoing revenue. We will also tailor this to your business and work with you to provide the point-of-sale material to support you in this journey.

The best time management systems are reviewed and we find the one that works perfectly for your business. As a group, we will review and demonstrate the effectiveness of time management, addressing the importance of minimum lag within a business.

We will also tailor this 100% to suit your personal and professional circumstances to increase your productivity and help you achieve your goals.

During this module we introduce you to a project management system for site workflow and best management of your jobs, team and clients.

We will also set up your system and itemise the key areas that you need to run a successful project, as well as multiple jobs. We’ll provide training in this system and tailor a workflow to best suit your business, allowing you to create added value to your client’s building journey.

We cover everything you need to know about the SEE Accelerator: A business management tool that will gather your P&L, cashflow, HOW, marketing, WIP, job management and sales vs marketing conversion, and provide you with the ultimate report for you to be on top of everything that happens within your business.

We will also review the current position of these areas within your business to help you understand how you can monitor, manage and improve them moving forward.

We don’t necessarily need you to be a book keeper for this module, however we do want you to be able to understand and interpret your current financial position to make the best decisions for your business.

As a group, we explain everything you need to know about Xero and how it can benefit your business. During the sessions we go through your Xero account or bookkeeping program to identify what to monitor well and train you in areas of improvement.

We run you through every aspect of WHS that is important for your business to ensure your workplace is a safe environment for everyone internally and externally involved with your company. We share with you all our knowledge and skills you need to manage your sub-contractors successfully.

On top of this, you are provided with tools and documents for a tailored implementation of WHS and subbies management for your business.

Creating and maintaining a culture within a business requires leadership. Learn how to implement the values and beliefs needed to create an environment that is positive, productive, innovative, and how to get everyone on board with the vision and journey you have planned for your business.

Individually, we tailor a company culture based on your business needs and turn you into a great leader for your team!

All the secrets & systems that would normally cost you tens of thousands are now affordable through the Not Just A Builder program

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