builder coaching

Helping builders grow and maintain a thriving business

At SEE, we not only help you achieve your business goals but also encourage you to explore your life goals - because what are we doing this all for?

We don’t even like the term ‘business coach’ because of the stigma of what they have historically done. Coaches typically put you through their templated approach and give you a bunch of homework – which sounds terrible for a time-poor business owner.

This is why we do things differently. We value our unique service offering because we know we can only be strategic for only a certain number of builders, and that is why we limit who we deal with.

Work with Jay

You will work directly with Jay to develop a strategy that is unique to you and set you up for business and personal success.

Since 2013, Jay has been the trusted business coach for builders seeking to enhance their business and transform their personal lives.

Once we identify the most important things in your life, we can then tailor your business, time management and personal health to support you in this journey.

There is no point in succeeding in one area, and failing in another area – Our goal is to help you personally and professionally to be a more well-rounded individual, so you can achieve everything you desire.

Jay Bolton Business Coach for Builders

The trilogy of Success

The trilogy of Success
A well-executed plan is crucial for the development of any business, and within the building industry, planning is everything.

How coaching can help transform you and your life

Business Coach for Builders

Get the most out of your business and your personal life by implementing structures and strategies that allow for growth, smoother processes, make more money and help you retire.

Every business owner can retire within 12 years if they choose to. It is just a matter of knowing how, allocating the time, and finally sticking to the plan.