Sales Management & Training

Sales Management & Training

Sales Management

Are you a small to medium size business who struggles to manage your general sales and/or sales team?

Maximise your sales outcomes with access to experienced managers.

Our team will assist with process, techniques, management, CRM systems and sales training that will increase your sales revenue, maximise your conversion rate, improve your client’s experience and provide a more fun front end to your business.

Sales Training

SEE Business Solutions can help your sales staff achieve the best results through comprehensive sales training.

Let us work with you and your staff to streamline the sales process, increase lead conversion rates and achieve the best possible results.

Our training will challenge the way your sales staff think, motivate them to perform at a higher level and equip them with the necessary tools to convert a higher percentage of leads.

General sales topics included within the training course:

Our training will lead your business to understand your customer better, and prepare your offerings to meet and exceed your customer’s needs.

  • Client research techniques
    • Know your clients
    • Utilise online information, prior interaction and generally known information to better prepare you for your client interation
    • Align your value proposition with your target client’s core business and needs
  • Targeting customers (new, existing and non performing accounts)
    • Business development
    • Account management
    • Structured resource management
    • Time management
    • Simplified target markets
    • Client mix
  • The four major personality types
    • Recognising each personality
    • Adjusting your conversation for each personality
    • The do’s and don’ts for each personality
  • Examples of sales people in action (video)
    • Viewing and critiquing other examples of sales people
  • The ideal sales process
    • Building rapport
    • Understanding your client’s business
    • Finding your client’s needs
    • Confirming their needs
    • Providing evidence
    • Creating actions
    • Following up
    • Completing actions
    • Reviewing the process
  • Role plays
    • A step by step role play of each stage within the sales process
    • Breaking it down and making subtle changes to provide a guaranteed outcome in your favour
    • Sales karate – repetitive actions to assist with tough sales situations and to help prepare you for live problems and conflict resolution
  • Other skills required for salespeople
    • Follow up process and benefits
    • Time management maximisation
    • New account procedures
    • General customer service
  • Personalised sales checklist creation
    • Documentation and sales manuals personalised to your business’s requirements
Imagine having all of these services at your fingertips. Access the right knowledge, the right opportunities and the right processes and become a SEE Member today.