Our Vision

SEE Business Solutions was established due to the perceived lack of business knowledge and supporting services to assist builders within the building industry.

During this time, market research supported this with statistics showing that during the 2011/2012 financial year there were 1,113 insolvencies in the NSW building and construction industry.

We strive to improve the building industry through better systems, processes and strategies that will provide the ultimate experience for our members and transform building companies into better businesses.

SEE Business Solutions wants to enhance the industry by creating a membership of people who network, learn and enjoy running a business that is profitable while supporting key local charities and the community.

This vision includes the review our SEE members’ businesses to understand their core competencies and competitive advantage, so that it can be communicated to their ideal market. This allows the builder the greatest opportunity to remain within their core business and maximise their profits through efficient operations and superior outcomes.

The creation of value through better buying, processes, marketing and customer experience allows for a more fruitful outcome for our members’ businesses.