SEE Accelerator

We were sick of hearing about software within the industry that was overpriced, didn’t match the industry or was great at some things but not others. So, we decided to make our own.

Introducing the SEE Accelerator: the ultimate sales, marketing, accounting, work flow management and reporting platform. This revolutionary software is both affordable and custom built for the construction industry.

Our passion for the industry has lead to creating a platform that will turn builders and trades into savvy businesspeople. Accelerate your business with our platform that can do all of the below, and more!


  • Know your target market
  • Attract the right clients
  • A hub of client information
  • Increase your sales conversion rate
  • Better manage your clients with one central hub for each client
  • Automate responses


  • Sales, accounting and work flow integration
  • Option to automate your invoicing at every claim or variation stage
  • Reduce mistakes
  • No more missing variation claims
  • Faster bookkeeping
  • Seamless integration with Xero

Work Flow Management

  • Stay on top of your scheduling
  • Prompts for trades and staff
  • Better manage your trades and products required
  • Better work flow management
  • Project plans at your fingertips
  • Better quality control
  • No more forgetting to order materials at the right time
  • Add videos, selections, plans, safety information for trades

Business Management

  • Know your business position with a dashboard of reports updated every 2 minutes
  • Profit and loss
  • Cash flow
  • Jobs in progress
  • Work in progress
  • Margin analysis
  • Win/loss ratios
  • Marketing analysis (website, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Client Satisfaction

  • Provide a faster build
  • Superior quality
  • A safer site
  • Update your client at every stage with accurate images and communication

Home Warranty

  • Have access to all the information to submit your Home Warranty information
  • Reduce your accounting bills
  • No more time wasted producing reports
  • Have the information to better manage your business at your fingertips
  • Faster Home Warranty submission online

Don’t get caught out with surprises – stay ahead of the game with the SEE Accelerator. Contact us to hear about this incredible program!