Home Warranty & Business Insurance

Insurance – it’s a necessary evil that every business needs to get right and manage well. And that’s where SEE comes in!

We offer a variety of insurances, including Home Owners Warranty, to help builders not only save dollars, but make sure they are fully covered. Don’t over insure yourself, however more importantly do not be underinsured.

Explore our range of insurance options below.

Home Warranty

The Home Warranty scheme, who needs it! Unfortunately, every residential builder does, and it is the difference between a successful builder and failing builder.

SEE Business Solutions are known for being the best in the industry for assisting builders with their home warranty insurances reviews, submissions and advice. We complete over $1 Billion worth of reviews every year and have never failed a submission!

Our thorough understanding of Home Warranty Insurance makes the entire process efficient and accurate, achieving successful outcomes for your business.

Whether you are looking for an increase, need help with a review, or are wanting to set up your home warranty for the first time, this is where the SEE team’s expertise shines.


General Insurance

At SEE, our competitive advantage allows us to get the best cover for our clients, across a range of insurances. We offer a variety of insurance options, including:

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Homes and Contents Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Management Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Personal Accident and Injury Insurance

Builders Insurance

There are several types of insurance available and continuously evolving regulations requires builders to stay up to date with what insurances they need.

SEE Business Solutions are experienced in providing tailored insurance solutions for your building and construction projects, and are happy to guide and assist you when deciding what insurance best suits your business.

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