• Jay Bolton
    Jay Bolton Director

    Jay is the Director and Founder of SEE Business Solutions. With over 13 years of experience in the building industry, Jay has an in-depth knowledge of both the supplier, reseller and the builders network. As a people manager Jay aims to develop individuals personally and professionally. With a focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, Jay will implement strategies to help run your business smoothly and efficiently. An innovative thinker with a broad expertise in all areas of business, Jay excels in creating value, business development, opportunity recognition, marketing, lean operations, innovation and improving the overall work environment.

  • Frances Burns
    Frances Burns Key Account Strategist

    Frances brings with her 5+ years of business management experience from some of Australia’s largest advertising agencies. Her passion for people and helping businesses to operate more effectively through strategy, detailed workflow and insight driven marketing is evident.
    With experience in high level strategic planning, the development and launch of multi-channel creative campaigns, and management of large scale projects, Frances is passionate about working with businesses to help them reach their full potential. With a background in strategic marketing and design, she is a creative at heart with a business brain and thrives off a challenge.

  • Rachael Cooper
    Rachael Cooper Marketing Manager

    Rachael helps businesses identify their targets and achieve their goals through the design and implementation of strategic marketing. With an in-depth marketing background specialising in digital media, Rachael is responsible for utilising her extensive brand management skills combined with her experience in public and media relations, social media strategy, market research and analysis and event management to ensure clients are getting the maximum exposure and return on investment that they deserve. Rachael is passionate about delivering marketing strategies that help businesses and brands thrive!

  • Sarah Orrett
    Sarah Orrett Creative Manager

    Sarah’s extensive career in graphic and digital media design spans 10+ years, working in both large-scale organisations and small business/start-ups. Her experience comes with a keen eye for detail and a focus on consistency.

    As a senior designer in the industry, Sarah’s skills and experience are shown across multiple platforms, including identity design, print, press, social media, websites and digital content. As the Creative Manager of SEE, her mission is to ensure your business communicates professionally through engaging design.


  • Bernadette Schmidt
    Bernadette Schmidt Business Improvement Strategist

    Bernadette possesses 22 years’ experience operating in administration, finance and operations. Over her career span, Bernadette has developed specialised experience in managing, developing and leading businesses. Bernadette offers 5 years’ experience in the building and construction industry and has gained a real passion for maintaining the success of the building sector. Bernadette aims to provide businesses with new strategies to improve their operations and create a strong foundation to support the future growth and development, encouraging the success and sustainability of the business.

  • Mya Hunter
    Mya Hunter Marketing Coordinator

    Mya works with businesses to identify and achieve their marketing goals through brand management, digital media and videography. With a business degree specialising in marketing, Mya combines her extensive knowledge of business management, market research and development to create and maintain your unique business brand. Her attention to all aspects of current marketing techniques will ensure that your brand will succeed and achieve all your business and marketing goals.

  • Matt Herrington
    Matt Herrington Business Coordinator
    Matt has an extensive background in customer service and information technology, and has a focus on liaising with clients and overseeing business processes here at SEE. His knowledge of innovative automation and process creation allows him to create significant efficiencies within businesses, therefore maximising profits. Matt’s ability to understand pain points that may exist within your workflow allows him to develop systems to overcome these log jams and he sees it as a personal challenge to make everything run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Matt is also a graduate of Environmental Science, so he can assist with your development queries around this subject.
  • Scott Bruce
    Scott Bruce WHS Consultant

    Scott brings over 7 years of Work Health and Safety knowledge to the SEE Team. He can help you work through the many challenges of keeping your team safe whilst still keeping a site running. Scott can help with everything from documentation requirements, such as Safe Work Method Statements and Site Safety Plans, through to undertaking audits of your entire operations to provide recommendations on how to move forward with your safety goals.

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart Accountant

    With detailed knowledge and background in tax law, structuring and superannuation Michael can help assist your business with all their accounting and tax needs, including strategies to minimise your tax, provide business growth strategies, cashflow assistance, obtaining finance, budgeting, superannuation, and structuring of business for asset protection.

  • Kel Nathan
    Kel Nathan Web & Graphic Designer

    With a talent for all things creative, Kel creates beautiful and user-friendly websites using the latest web technologies. His Degree in Creative Media and several years of experience in the industry has allowed Kel to bring substantial knowledge and skills to the team. He creates websites to catch potential customers’ attention, in turn converting website views into leads for your business. Kel also creates eye catching branding and graphic design for your business.

  • Darren Haiser
    Darren Haiser Sales Manager

    With over 20 years of sales experience, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge to the SEE team with experience in all facets of the residential building industry including custom design, knock down rebuild, sloping sites, multi-unit development, dual occupancy and subdivisions. Darren also specialises in the sale of high-end residential building developments in a competitive market. Darren takes pride in educating and advising buyers through the sales process and achieves sales excellence through his detailed management skills. With his energy and passion, Darren implements key strategies for sales growth, in turn delivering results and structure in a performance orientated culture.

  • Cameron McPherson
    Cameron McPherson Sales Manager

    Cameron Joins the SEE Team with over 37 years of experience in the building industry as a Sales Representative and Manager. Cameron specialises in Business Development, where he uses his extensive knowledge to identify gaps in a business’s work processes and implement strategies to bring about growth. With a strong background in sales training, telemarketing and cold calling, Cameron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the SEE Team.

  • Mark Snelson
    Mark Snelson Photographer

    Mark is our Professional Photographer here at SEE Business Solutions. With over 8 years experience in property and architectural photography, Mark provides premium quality images to enhance any marketing collateral. With the use of advanced retouching techniques, Mark can ensure every photograph is flawless and add in furniture, grass and plants where necessary. Whether you need residential or commercial photography, Mark can capture the best of your development.

  • Dave Eddy
    Dave Eddy Digital Marketing Specialist

    Dave is our Digital Marketing Specialist here at SEE Business Solutions. The complex and confusing digital media environment can be confronting to tackle… it has become paramount for all companies to employ a comprehensive, customised and, most of all, measurable localised web presence strategy. Dave can help you to attract, grow and retain new customers through innovative, measurable, local online advertising and digital marketing strategies.

  • Michael Lilly
    Michael Lilly Draftsman

    Michael is our Draftsman here at SEE Business Solutions. With over 10 years of industry experience, Michael specialises in the design of new residential homes and renovations. With a keen eye for detail, Michael is the person to rely on for the design process. He also excels in the drawings of steel detailing. Michael is now furthering his studies with a Diploma in Civil Engineering.