SEE Business Solutions is a business coaching and consulting organisation tailored specifically to the building industry.

With an impressively large range of specialist services, including Home Warranty Insurance management, workflow management, strategic marketing and better buying power, we work with you and your business to set goals and provide you with the support to exceed them.

It is this support which is uniquely different and promotes sustainable growth in every area of your business.

Our SEE team specialise in the building industry. Each team member possesses qualifications in their field of expertise and excels at their unique skill set, providing you with first-class support in the business part of building.

See how SEE helps businesses like yours succeed in today’s environment.

Offering a variety of tailored membership options – ranging from training you in the skills and tools you need to succeed, to operating fully within your business and making things happen – we can help you reach new heights, no matter the size or type of your business… From small time tradesperson to large scale building company, boutique architectural firm to commercial developer, SEE will help your business excel.

What can SEE do for you?

  • Are you struggling with your workflow?
  • Are you getting swamped with paperwork?
  • Is Home Owners Warranty getting too hard to understand?
  • Does your accountant not give regular industry updates and ways to save you money?
  • Do you have time to estimate every job?
  • Are you not getting enough leads or wasting time on the wrong leads?
  • Are you losing jobs due to your supplier pricing not being good enough?
  • Do you have a clear business plan?
  • Are you struggling for time to implement the right systems for your business?

Solve all these issues and allow your business to operate better, market better and buy better.

About SEE Business Solutions:

Why we do what we do:

Our Director Jay Bolton has a real passion for the building industry. After spending over 15 years working with builders who range from producing one to 2500 homes per year, he saw the need for more business support within the industry. Whether it is increasing revenue, reducing costs or sharing the latest innovations to maximise efficiency, Jay and his team want to help builders succeed.

How we do it:

SEE Business Solutions has created a range of tiered membership options for those within the construction industry. These SEE memberships provide access to a team of experts who offer the support, knowledge and skills necessary to establish a more profitable company.

The tiered options range from providing you with business coaching and the marketing tools you need to kick start your new business, to full immersion within your business which allows you to utilise the SEE Team as if they were your own.

How does it benefit you?

Whether you’re a builder, tradesperson or architect, SEE can help take your business to new heights with the latest technology, systems and know-how, providing greater returns and lightening your workload. Increase your enquiries and sales conversions through experienced marketing models, handle the additional work easily with refined processes, and reduce your costs with access to significant buying power.

Check out the SEE Team and have all of them at your fingertips. Access the right knowledge, the right opportunities and the right processes and become a SEE Member today.